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Reasons to Take the TOEFL Test

Are you currently taking ESL classes? These classes help you gain the skills you need to succeed in English speaking schools and agencies. Make the most of your ESL classes by registering for the TOEFL test. Some of the top reasons to take this test include:

Rate Your Abilities to Properly Use the English Language

If you have been learning English, the TOEFL test is the best way to rate your abilities and determine your level of understanding. There are a variety of English language tests students can take to rate their skills, but not all of these tests follow the same guidelines or offer the same consistency that the TOEFL test provides. Choosing the TOEFL test allows you to rate your communication skills in a consistent and reliable manner.

Test Skills That You Need

Have you ever taken a test that focused on material you did not find important? Some tests seem to focus on how much students can memorize instead of what information they will actually need to know in the future. The TOEFL test is designed to test the English skills students need to find academic success in the United States. During the test, students will listen to lectures, read from textbooks, and perform other skills that demonstrate their readiness for American universities.

Get Access to More Schools

Students can benefit from taking the TOEFL test in a number of ways, including getting access to a greater selection of schools! This test is highly-regarded as an invaluable tool for ESL students. There are more than 9,000 universities, colleges, and agencies around the world that look to TOEFL test results when making decisions regarding admission. No matter what you want to study or where you want to visit, the TOEFL test can help you get there!

Bluedata International Institute is a New York City language school that offers ESL classes and much more. Contact us today at (917) 780-4855 to learn more about our language school and how you can benefit by taking the TOEFL test.

All About Bluedata International Institute

Bluedata International Institute is an English school in the heart of New York City that provides students with an immersive ESL experience for success in a globalized world. Through progressive ESL classes and a TOEFL prep course, Bluedata prepares students to use English in real world contexts while proving mastery of the language on the most trusted ESL exam used by thousands of academic and government institutions.

Bluedata is licensed by the New York State Education department and has accreditation from the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation. They are authorized under federal law to teach non-immigrant students, and they serve as a leader of English education in the state. Bluedata's ongoing mission is to provide a great language learning experience with equal opportunities for every student. With a skilled bilingual staff and a proven course structure, students can expect to have ongoing support through every challenge that comes with the language learning process.

Tips for Improving Your English Skills

Just like any other language, English requires lots of practice and repetition to promote mastery. For many English language learners, ESL classes are a great start to the learning process, as they offer a formal introduction to the grammar and everyday usage of English. However, attending a class is only part of language acquisition, which means that students will need to find other ways to reinforce the skills learned in the classroom. Here are a few ideas for improving your English skills as you study in the classroom at an English school in New York City.

Practice all the time

Every outing can be an opportunity to practice English, whether you are buying groceries or having a drink with friends. As you begin to speak English more often in social settings, you will build more confidence with your skills that can help you in the classroom later on. Gaining moderate to high proficiency in English requires plenty of practice, which is why studying in an immersive environment is most beneficial for students.

Make visual associations for new vocabulary

Visual cues can be helpful for expanding your English vocabulary, and there are many ways that you can link colors or images to new words. You might use color-coded flashcards, or draw simple pictures as you learn new vocabulary. These images can help you remember the meaning of words by forming many pathways in the brain associated with the new words.

Participate in cultural activities

Another benefit of studying English in an area primarily populated by English speakers is the cultural exposure that comes along with language learning. Language is an integral component of culture, so you might improve your English knowledge by attending local fairs, plays, or food-related festivals. Watching movies and listening to music in English can also fortify your speaking and listening skills.

Learning English with the support of an ESL program can allow you to retain your second language skills for a lifetime and accelerate your learning abroad.

Learning to Use Apostrophes in English

The apostrophe serves many different roles in languages around the world, and it is often a stumbling block for English language learners who may not be familiar with the possessive uses of this piece of punctuation. This video reviews the common uses of the apostrophe in English writing. Using the apostrophe to show possession is frequently seen, and this clip shows the ways to do this with singular and plural nouns. Apostrophes can also be used to create contractions such as "don't" or "can't."

Because the grammatical rules of English can create confusion for English language learners, ESL classes are often a great resource to provide academic support through the process of language acquisition. These courses can not only prepare students to use English in a wide range of contexts, but they may also be a helpful step in preparing for the TOEFL exam.

The Benefits of Learning English

Learning a second language can be beneficial for a number of reasons—including improved memory and mental flexibility as well as better comprehension of language overall. For many people, English is a valuable asset as a second language, since it is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world and remains a leading language of business and academics. This article will take a closer look at what language learners may have to gain from learning English in the setting of ESL classes.

Reap the benefits of bilingualism

While learning any second language, students may begin to notice a boost in overall language skills, because language lessons reinforce knowledge of grammar and syntax while broadening a speaker's vocabulary. After learning one foreign language, learning new languages may be a much easier task. Becoming bilingual may also have long-term cognitive benefits, as those who speak multiple languages tend to have a delayed onset of dementia and related disorders.

Open up new academic opportunities

Since English is such a prevalent language in academic writing and research, it may be a necessity for higher education programs throughout the world. By learning English, you might be able to pursue degree opportunities that would not otherwise be open to you.

Increase overall ability to communicate

English is spoken around the world, and even in nations where it is not the primary language, you are likely to find a large number of non-native English speakers. This means that you may be able to travel with more ease when you are able to speak this common second language with moderate proficiency.

Meet visa and scholarship criteria

Certain English-speaking nations require a level of English proficiency measured by the TOEFL test for visa applications. Taking ESL courses will prepare students to pass the TOEFL and apply for visas and scholarships that require English comprehension.

New York City offers the perfect environment for English language learners to gain proficiency while getting a broad look at American culture. Begin your language learning journey in NYC by exploring the ESL and TOEFL prep classes available right in the heart of the city.

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