We provide a quality experience for international students to learn English for personal, academic, and professional purposes in NYC.

Using English at Restaurants

Enjoying a meal at a restaurant is the perfect time to practice the conversational English skills you’ve developed in your ESL classes. Knowing the most common phrases you’re likely to use and hear allows you to practice speaking and listening ahead of time for added confidence. Some of the most basic phrases you’ll need include the ability to ask for a table, as well as an understanding of the questions your waiter may ask, such as whether you are ready to order or the type of drink you would like. If you have food allergies, make sure you can explain your allergies clearly so you can confidently order a meal. Additional phrases that you may find useful in a restaurant include, “Excuse me,” and “May we please have the check?”

Your experience at Bluedata International Institute will provide a solid foundation for future studies, business, and leisure in the English-speaking world. Our English schools in New York offer international students a versatile curriculum of ESL classes that will help you prepare for the TOEFL as well as many real-world situations. You can find out more about our school on the web, or by calling (212) 683-6250.

Mastering Conversational English

While developing good reading and writing skills is an undeniably valuable part of your English education, written and conversational English can often be quite different. Learning to master conversational English will help you navigate the English-speaking world with greater ease and comfort, providing you with the confidence you need to make the most of your educational experience. During your ESL classes in NYC, you will be given the opportunity to not only master the written aspects of English, but practice the nuances of the spoken language as well.

Practice Every Day

The key to learning any new language is consistent and regular practice. Even when you do not have an English class scheduled, take some time out of your day to practice speaking. Talk to your fellow English students about setting up daily practice sessions, either in person or via the phone or computer. If possible, ask a friend that is fluent in English to practice short conversations with you as well, since this practice allows for correction and guidance in addition to valuable experience.

Begin By Listening

One of the best ways to learn conversational English is to listen to how it is spoken. Listening to native speakers conversing or even watching television and videos can provide you with a better understanding of the cadence and vocabulary used during a conversation. If you have trouble following the English spoken on television, consider starting with programs meant for younger children, which often include dialogue that is more basic and spoken slowly; once you feel comfortable listening to these shows, work your way up to faster-paced dramas or news programs.

At Bluedata International Institute, our goal is to provide international students with the all the skills they need to master every part of the English language. Our English schools employ bilingual educators ready to help you develop the vocabulary and understanding you need to learn and work in an English-speaking environment. Please visit our website to find out more about our ESL classes, or give us a call today at (212) 683-6250.

How the TOEFL Test Can Be Important for Your Future

The TOEFL test is a standardized test that determines your English proficiency. This test is an important step for international students and professionals alike, as it is used to measure your ability to read, write, listen to, and speak English in a university setting. If you are planning to take the TOEFL test, attending TOEFL prep classes will ensure you develop the confidence and the English skills necessary to master this test for the high score you want.

Attend the University You Want

International students must typically take the TOEFL before they can apply to an English-speaking university. Because the TOEFL is specifically designed to measure your ability to understand and use English at a college level, it is often a requirement on college applications for students whose first language is not English. The majority of students who take and score well on the TOEFL will get into their first- or second-choice college; thus, taking the TOEFL is an important first step in your future education and your ultimate career path after you receive your degree.

Determine Your Own English Skill Set

Even if you aren’t ready to apply to an educational program just yet, the TOEFL can provide you with a completely unbiased view of your own English skill set. If you aren’t sure whether you need more practice or work in certain areas of the language, the TOEFL is a great way to get a complete overview of your skills and your weaknesses. You can use your initial TOEFL score to determine which additional ESL classes could benefit you the most, as well as whether additional TOEFL prep is needed.

Bluedata International Institute is pleased to offer TOEFL prep in New York City. With the help of our bilingual teachers, you’ll receive the targeted English education you need to score better on the TOEFL and move closer to your ultimate goals. You can find out more about our English schools and ESL classes when you visit us on the web, or contact us by phone at (212) 683-6250 for additional information.

English Pronunciation Tips

Mastering written English is simply one step on the path to developing your personal English skills. When learning spoken English, there are several similar sounds that can confuse non-native speakers, including the “s” and “z” sounds. This short video describes the differences between these two sounds, as well teaches you how to make each sound in your mouth. You’ll also hear a few sample words to hear how each sound is used in a natural conversation.

At Bluedata International Institute, our ESL classes are designed to provide you with a supportive atmosphere for learning and practicing the English language. You can find the right ESL class for you at our New York City English school when you click through our website, or call (212) 683-6250 to find out more about honing your English skills with us today.

Immersing Yourself in English

The best way to learn English as an ESL student or international student is to fully immerse yourself in the culture. Many ESL schools and language schools offer intensive ESL classes that utilize immersion techniques to help you learn English quickly and boost English skills. Here are some tips for how to immerse yourself in English while taking ESL courses.

Only Speak English at Your English School

Make an agreement with yourself to only speak English while at your English school. Ask your bilingual teachers questions in English, and speak to the other bilingual people in your ESL classes in English only. As long as you are on the campus of your English school, you should not speak any language other than English. You can also join clubs or participate in activities at your English school that will supplement your ESL coursework.

Spend Time with Other Bilingual People Outside of Your ESL Classes

When you’re outside of your ESL classroom, you should spend time with other bilingual people and non-native English speakers. You can practice having conversations in English and learn new English vocabulary words together. The more people that you speak to in English every day, the easier it will be to learn English and gain valuable English skills.

Keep Up with English Pop Culture and News

English pop culture and news are great sources of conversational English and new vocabulary words. You should make a point to listen to music, watch television and movies, and read news only in English. You will learn idioms, expressions, and other common sayings that can be used in your day-to-day English conversations. It is also often easier to learn English in the familiar context of pop culture.

If you’re interested in boosting your English skills near NYC, come see us at Bluedata International Institute. We offer ESL courses, conversational English courses, and English skills classes that will make it easy for you to learn English for work or school. To learn more about admission and tuition for our English school, call us today at (917) 780-4855.

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