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Making the Most of Your ESL Classes

Whether you are an international student who is attending an English school on a student visa, or you’re learning English to improve your job prospects, an ESL course can help you boost your English skills. You can make the most of your ESL courses by continuing to learn English and develop English skills outside of your ESL classroom.

Your bilingual teacher can provide you with valuable English language resources that you can use outside of the classroom, like books, technology, and games. You can also get together with the other bilingual people in your ESL classes to converse in English and go over the lessons you have learned in your ESL courses. Use the English vocabulary words that you have learned in your ESL classes while you are out in the real world rather than just memorizing them.

If you want to make the most out of your ESL classes near NYC, come see us at Bluedata International Institute. Our talented bilingual educators can help you learn English and build English skills both inside and outside of your ESL classroom. To learn more about our ESL courses and admission, call us today at (917) 780-4855.

Tips for Visiting Ellis Island

Ellis Island, located in Upper New York Bay, is one of America’s most significant landmarks. From 1892 to 1954, more than 12 million immigrants came through Ellis Island before becoming American citizens. If you’re interested in visiting Ellis Island in between ESL classes, you would do well to heed the following tips.

As with any other museum, it’s important that you allow yourself plenty of time when visiting the Ellis Island Immigration Museum—most experts suggest 3-4 hours. It’s also a good idea to show up early in order to avoid long lines. You will likely get hungry at some point during your visit, so be sure to pack a lunch or at least some snacks. Once you get to Ellis Island, check out the “Islands of Hope, Islands of Tears” video narrated by Gene Hackman. You should also check out the dormitory on the third floor, where many immigrants waited to enter the USA.

Bluedata International Institute is proud to carry on the legacy of Ellis Island by helping new citizens integrate into American society. If you’re interested in learning English at our NYC ESL school, don’t hesitate to call (917) 780-4855.

Tips for Improving Your English Grammar

English is a wonderful language. However, learning a whole new vocabulary is extremely challenging—and learning the underlying grammar rules is even more of a chore. Still, with the right ESL classes and a lot of practice, anyone can learn to speak English well. Here are a few tips that can help you improve your English grammar.

Memorize Basic Rules of Grammar

The English language is filled with rules about subject/verb agreement, contractions, verb conjugation, and much, much more. A good place to start would be to discover these rules of grammar and start memorizing them. Yes, there are exceptions to every rule, but you’ll learn these too as English becomes more familiar to you.

Learn the Parts of Speech

Another important aspect of understanding English is knowing its core components. Nouns, adjectives, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, articles, and conjunctions all play important roles in English, and learning how they fit together is vital to becoming a proficient speaker. In this sentence, “sentence” is a noun, “is” is a verb, and “a” is an article. It may be confusing at first, but you’ll get the hang of it with practice.

Immerse Yourself in English

You need to practice in order to get good at anything, and learning English is no exception. Whenever you speak English, ask native speakers to correct your grammar mistakes. Watch television and movies in English—perhaps with your native language in subtitles. Start reading books and newspapers in English. You could start out with children’s books, then work your way up to more advanced novels. It’s also a good idea to seek out a service that reads the news in slow English—that way you can stay up with current events while mastering a new language.

If you’re ready to take the next step on your journey to learn English as a second language, call Bluedata International Institute at (917) 780-4855. Our ESL school is located in New York City, which is a dynamic place for international students and professionals to learn English.

The Importance of English in a Professional Setting

There are 6,500 languages spoken in the world today—each of which is rich and beautiful in its own way. However, if there were such a thing as a “global” language, English would be it. English doesn’t have the most native speakers in the world (Mandarin claims that honor), but more people learn English as a second language than any other language. English is the common language used in business transactions between nations, making it very important in any professional setting.

Bolstering Intra-Office Communication

Learning good English is vital for doing business in the United States. Even if you think you know English pretty well, you’ll find that taking ESL classes and passing the TOEFL test can bolster your ability to communicate effectively with your coworkers. Communication is extraordinarily important in your average workplace, and the better you know English, the better you’re likely to do.

Simplifying International Communication

Though there are many talented translators in the world, it’s very difficult for them to successfully translate every phrase in such a way that preserves the original intended meaning. The most efficient way for two people to speak is if they use the same language without their words being diluted or misconstrued by a translator. Since English is already considered the global language of business, it’s definitely a good language to know for those who plan to conduct international business.

Expanding Business Opportunities

Though other languages have more total speakers, no language has the widespread international presence of English. If you want to expand your attractiveness as an employee or open yourself up to new global business opportunities, it’s definitely a good idea to learn English. Once you learn English, you’ll find there’s a much greater chance that you have a language in common with a potential business partner on the other side of the planet.

At Bluedata International Institute, we’re proud to help international students and professionals obtain the English skills they need to succeed in the U.S. and around the world. Call our NYC ESL school at (917) 780-4855 to learn more about ESL classes and TOEFL prep.

Basic English Spelling Rules

English is an important language for global commerce. It’s also one of the more difficult languages to learn. Even if you know how to speak English, there are still plenty of spelling rules you need to internalize in order to truly master the language. This video can help you get a good start on spelling.

Few English words are spelled phonetically, and every spelling rule has its exceptions. Still, learning some basic rules can help you spell most words correctly. For example, “i” comes before “e,” except after “c.” When adding an ending to a single-syllable word that ends in a consonant and has only one vowel, be sure to double the final consonant. For example, “bed” becomes “bedding.”

For additional help mastering English spelling, reach out to Bluedata International Institute. You can visit our website at any time or call us at (917) 780-4855 to inquire about our NYC ESL school.

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