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Practicing English Spring Idioms

If you want to learn English, you should enroll in ESL classes at your local language school. In addition to your ESL course, your bilingual educator may recommend that you build your English skills outside of your ESL classroom by watching instructional videos. Watch this video to learn five idioms and proverbs about the Spring season. This video is appropriate for ESL students who are taking an intermediate to advanced ESL course.

At Bluedata International Institute, we offer six levels of ESL classes in New York to international ESL students of all abilities and backgrounds. Our highly experienced bilingual educators can help you learn English and build English skills, and they also offer TOEFL prep courses. For more information about our ESL courses, you can visit our website, or call us today at (917) 780-4855.

Myths About ESL Study

If you’re looking for a reputable ESL school that can help you learn English, you may have heard a lot of myths about ESL study. ESL courses that are taught by experienced bilingual educators can provide you with valuable English skills that will help you succeed as an international student, and then later in the workforce. Keep reading to see some of the myths about ESL classes debunked.

Myth: Students Should Only Speak English While Taking ESL Classes

It’s very beneficial for students who are trying to learn English to have the ability to converse in their native language in the classroom. The most successful ESL courses allow the students to receive instruction in English and their native language. A bilingual instructor should be able to communicate both in English, and the first language of his or her students.

Myth: Constant Exposure to English Speakers Will Ensure You Learn English

Simply being surrounded by people who are speaking English will not help you learn English quickly or proficiently. An ESL course not only teaches you valuable vocabulary and conversational skills; it also provides instruction and foundation for basic grammar, writing, and reading skills that are crucial for international students. These skills will help you succeed as an English speaker in the workforce, in college, and in your personal interactions with native English speakers.

Myth: You Must Learn English Before Taking an Academic Course in English

Many people believe that you can’t enroll in an academic course that is taught in English without first becoming fluent in English. In fact, you can enroll in ESL courses and some other academic courses concurrently. Some colleges and universities do require international students to pass the TOEFL exam prior to admission, however.

If you’re looking for an ESL school in New York, check out our classes at Bluedata International Institute. We offer ESC courses taught by talented bilingual instructors, and can prepare you for your college studies as an international student. For more information about our ESL classes, you can visit our website, or call us today at (917) 780-4855.

How to Tackle Anxiety Before the TOEFL

If you’re an international student who needs to take the TOEFL, or Test of English as a Foreign Language, prior to admission into a college or university, you may feel some anxiety or stress. A TOEFL prep course should be able to ease some of that anxiety, and help you feel more prepared for the exam. Ask your ESL school if they provide TOEFL prep courses and keep reading to learn more tips on how to tackle your anxiety.

Prepare for the TOEFL

While enrolling in a reputable ESL school will help you learn English, you’ll also want to take a TOEFL prep course to fully prepare for the exam. A TOEFL prep course will show you exactly what to expect of the exam, which can significantly decrease your anxiety. You’ll find out what the test covers, how it is administered, and how it is scored. You’ll also learn valuable study strategies and stress management tactics that will help you prepare for and take the TOEFL.

Stay Organized

Once you know the date of your TOEFL exam, make a calendar that organizes important goals you must achieve prior to taking the exam. Create a reasonable study plan, and stick to it in the weeks leading up to the test. The instructor for your ESL class should be able to help you determine what your TOEFL prep progress should be from week to week.

Take Practice Exams

The most important method of TOEFL prep is taking TOEFL practice exams. Your TOEFL prep course or ESL class should be able to provide you with practice exams. The more practice you get, the more prepared you’ll be for the test, and the less anxiety you’ll experience.

At Bluedata International Institute, we provide ESL classes and TOEFL prep in New York. Our skilled, experienced bilingual instructors can help you learn English and succeed on the TOEFL exam. For more information on ESL courses and TOEFL prep for international students, you can visit our website, or call us today at (917) 780-4855.

Choosing the Right ESL Class

If you’re planning on enrolling in ESL classes at a language school near you, you should choose an ESL course level that is appropriate to your current English proficiency, and that corresponds to your ultimate purpose for learning English. For instance, if you want to learn conversational English that will help you in day-to-day life or the workplace, you may take different ESL courses than if you were an International student preparing to take the TOEFL exam.

Most language schools offer several different levels of ESL classes. A level one class is typically for ESL students who need to learn “survival” English. It focuses on basic grammar, vocabulary, and conversation skills. A level three class introduces ESL students to more academic English skills. A level six ESL class is the most advanced class, requiring ESL students to work with college-level textbooks, while focusing on business language.

At Bluedata International Institute, we offer six ESL course levels for ESL students in New York. Our experienced bilingual instructors can help you learn English through beginners through advanced ESL courses. For more information on our ESL classes, you can visit our website or call us today at (917) 780-4855.

What Will You Learn in Level 5 ESL Class?

If you’re enrolled in an ESL school, you may have noticed that there are six different course levels of ESL classes available. During each semester of ESL school, you will go through several course levels, with a month’s break in between each course. The first few course levels will begin teaching you how to learn English, including basic conversational English skills.

A Level Five ESL class focuses more on academic coursework. In this class, ESL students will learn how to write and speak about complex subjects, such as current events, American culture, and American values. ESL students will have to prepare essays and oral presentations for the class.

If you’re looking for an ESL school in New York, visit us at Bluedata International Institute. Our skilled bilingual educators offer six levels of ESL classes for international students. For more information about our admissions process, or to enroll in classes, call us today at (917) 780-4855.

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