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    Tips for Moving to New York City

    Last updated 6 days ago

    Considered by many to be the greatest city on earth, New York City is a place people from all over the world aspire to live at some point in their lives. If you are preparing to move to New York City to study, learn English, or start a new job, a smooth move can help you adjust to your new surroundings. To make your move and introduction to New York City to as efficient, hassle-free, and positive as possible, follow the advice below.

    Bring as Little as Possible

    New York City is densely populated. Most people living in Manhattan have small apartments and little storage space. Before you move, sell, donate, or put in storage your non-essential belongings. If you can fit everything you need into two or three suitcases, you should have space for everything you bring no matter how small your room and apartment are. Bringing fewer belongings will also make unpacking easier.

    Look for Deals

    New York City has a reputation for being expensive. You can easily spend a fortune on housing, food, and entertainment, but you do not have to in order to live well. New arrivals looking to learn English can save money and improve their language learning prospects by living with a host family. Cheap restaurants can be found in most neighborhoods with the help of smartphone apps or a bit of exploring. Even tickets for New York City’s famous Broadway shows can be found for cheap on the day of the show at a TKTS booth and through other means.

    Learn What the Locals Know

    Most New Yorkers wear comfortable shoes as often as possible because they know how much walking one does in the city. They keep their distance from puddles after rainstorms so they do not get splashed when cars pass by. They use tall buildings such as the Empire State Building and One World Trade Center to orient themselves. Pick up on these habits and practices to make your life in New York City as convenient and fun as possible.

    Follow the advice offered above, and you will be able to make the most of the time you have to explore the city and all it has to offer before hitting the daily grind. If you want to learn English to improve your job prospects or better fit in, call Bluedata International Institute at (888) 826-6449 and ask about our highly effective ESL classes.

    Improving Your Spoken English Skills

    Last updated 13 days ago

    Many people who study or have had considerable exposure to a second language find it easier to understand the second language than they do to speak it. If you are seeking to learn English and would like to feel as comfortable speaking the language as you do reading, writing, and listening to others speak it, there are several tactics that may help.

    Watching English films and reading English language newspapers and literature can help you to expand your vocabulary and familiarity with grammatical conventions, but these practices should be accompanied by concerted efforts to speak in English. Making friends who are willing to speak to you only in English; finding a language buddy with whom you can practice English regularly; and enrolling in an ESL school that focuses a great deal on spoken English can help you acquire the spoken English skills you are seeking.

    For high-quality English instruction in New York City at an affordable price, enroll in an ESL class at Bluedata International Institute. For information about course structure, student life, or the success of those who have decided to learn English with us, visit our website or call (888) 826-6449.

    Industries in Need of Bilingual Workers

    Last updated 20 days ago

    With international migration at an all-time high and the world a more globally interconnected place than it has ever been, speaking more than one language is highly advantageous to just about all job seekers. To learn about a few industries in which the demand for bilingual workers is especially high and enrollment in an ESL course may help you increase your job prospects, continue reading below.


    The demand for bilingual educators is inextricably linked to the increasing popularity of bilingual education in the United States. Parents of today’s youth increasingly want their children to learn second or third languages starting at an early age, making bilingual educators especially attractive to public and private school administrators.

    Health Care

    Millions of international tourists visit the United States each year, and millions more Americans do not have a great command of the English language. Since clear communication between individuals seeking medical treatment and individuals administering it is essential, hospitals and doctors’ offices are seeking health care professionals who are fluent in English and capable of communicating with non-English speaking patients in their native tongues.

    Social Services

    Social service workers focus a great deal on children and families. With many young first-generation children and immigrant parents unable to express themselves in the English language, social service workers can make more of an impact if they can communicate with individuals to whom they are assigned in their native tongue.

    Law Enforcement

    Interviews with witnesses and interrogations with individuals accused of committing crimes are more efficient and productive when the need for a professional does not exist. Thus, bilingual applicants seeking jobs as law enforcement agents have an advantage over monolingual applicants when other qualifications and skill sets between applicants are comparable.

    International students who devote time and energy to mastering the English language will find that their bilingualism makes them more attractive job candidates in the United States and elsewhere. A step that can help you achieve the bilingualism you are seeking is enrollment in an ESL class. To learn English at a reputable ESL school in New York City, call Bluedata International Institute at (888) 826-6449.

    The Trend Towards Becoming Bilingual

    Last updated 27 days ago

    In an increasingly globalized world, being able to communicate effectively in two or more languages affords one with a host of benefits. To see how this knowledge has influenced many parents to enroll their children in bilingual daycare or preschool programs, check out this news clip.

    Studies suggest that starting foreign language education at a young helps children develop intellectually and perform well in a host of academic arenas, as discussed in this video clip. Adults can also benefit immensely from bilingualism when seeking employment, traveling abroad, or moving to an area where their native language is not dominant.

    If you live are looking to learn English at a reputable ESL school in New York City, call Bluedata International Institute at (888) 826-6449. Our ESL classes for international students can help you achieve your personal, academic, and professional goals.

    How Bilingualism Boosts Your Brain Power

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Learning a second, third, or fourth language can change the way you think for the better. It can expand your creative capacity, as well as your ability to think critically. To understand how enrolling in an ESL class or pursuing and attaining bilingualism through other means can actually enhance your cognitive abilities and boost several marketable skills, continue reading below.

    Neural Impulses

    Reading, writing, speaking, and thinking in two different languages can speed up activity in the right hemisphere of your brain. This can stimulate creativity, help make you a better problem solver, and process abstract information in a more cognitive manner. You may also find it easier to focus your attention, increase your mental productivity, and reduce the frequency with which you react based on emotions.

    Analytical Reasoning

    As a bilingual person, your ability to switch back and forth between two languages can help you to process multiple pieces of information at once without losing your focus. By harnessing more brain power at any given time and wiring reactions to be based more on logic than emotions, a bilingual individual can think more analytically than a monolingual person. Analytical thinking skills are highly sought after in fields such as financial accounting, consulting, and client services.

    Memory Improvement

    When you spend time and energy learning English or another second language, you regularly exercise the part of your brain that is devoted to memory. This can increase your capacity to remember events, words, and items on your to-do list. It may also help stave off Alzheimer’s and other memory-related illnesses.

    At Bluedata International Institute in New York City, we offer intensive ESL classes that can help you greatly improve your English skills in as little as one month. As your knowledge of the English language expands, you are likely to notice improvements in your various mental faculties as well. To speak with a knowledgeable representative about our course offerings and the support services we offer for international ESL students, call (888) 826-6449.

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