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    What You Need to Start the Registration Process

    Last updated 3 days ago

    You can register at Bluedata International Institute sooner than you might realize. Keep reading to find out what you need to get started in ESL at our New York City campus:

    If you are inside the United States, you must have a valid passport and an I-94 form. If you have a visa waver or a transfer form, you should submit those with your registration as well. We also require a recent bank statement that shows you have earned at least $15,000 for one year. You need an I-20 from precious schools as well as a copy of your highest academic completion. If you are applying from outside the U.S., you need the passport and bank statement as well as a translated and notarized copy of your highest academic completion.

    Once you have officially registered with Blue Data International Institute, you can learn English and create new possibilities for yourself in every area of your life. Our ESL classes give you the foundation you need to become a fluent English speaker. To learn more, visit us online or call (888) 826-6449.

    Can't-Miss Attractions at Central Park

    Last updated 10 days ago

    When you attend school in New York, you should take advantage of your time in the area by exploring the many attractions that can be found inside of Central Park. Step outside of the city and spend some time wandering through the park like a native New Yorker.

    From the Central Park Zoo to Cleopatra’s Needle, there are so many areas that you can enjoy without even leaving the park. Check out this video to learn more about the must-see attractions that can help you relax in between your courses.

    At Bluedata International Institute, we want our students to have the authentic New York City experience as they learn English in our ESL classes. Our program helps you expand your language horizons. Call (888) 826-6449 to learn more.

    Getting Started at Bluedata International Institute

    Last updated 17 days ago

    Becoming fluent in English opens up a lot of career possibilities that can help you succeed in all areas of your life. If the time has come to commit to learning English, Bluedata International Institute provides the right kind of ESL classes for you. Use this guide to figure out how to get started with our English school:

    Send in Your Application
    Students who are applying from outside of the United States must first fill out and submit an I-20 Application Form and pay the necessary fees to apply to our program. Potential students must submit a copy of their passports, a copy of the highest degree, and a recent bank statement. If you are accepted into the ESL school, you will get an acceptance letter from Bluedata that helps you move onto the next step of the process.

    Get Your Visa
    As soon as you have your acceptance letter, you can apply for a student visa. Since you will be attending a language school, you must apply for an F-1 visa to legally enter the United States. Once you enter the country, you can go to the school to finish up your registration. After you finish the application process, you are almost ready to start your journey toward becoming fluent in English.

    Determine Your English Competency
    Once you are all set up for your program, you can take a test on the Bluedata website to determine the right level of English for you. This test gives you a clear understanding of which level English class you should enter so you can get the best education while you attend Bluedata International Institute.

    No matter how well you can currently speak English, Bluedata International Institute’s ESL programs can teach you everything you need to know about speaking the language. Our programs help international students become fluent in English to enhance personal, academic, and professional opportunities in New York City. To learn more about the ESL school or to start the application process, visit us online or call (888) 826-6449.

    Enhance Your English Lessons with These Tips

    Last updated 25 days ago

    ESL classes give you the opportunity to learn a new language that can help you get farther in your personal, academic, and professional life. Sometimes you need a little bit of extra practice to really put the skills you learn into effect. As you begin your courses, use the following tips to enhance your ability to understand and to speak the language:

    Pay Attention Wherever You Can
    From your ESL classes to your walk to school, there are plenty of opportunities to listen to native English speakers and really immerse yourself in the language. Take advantage of your time in New York City by paying attention to people talking whenever you can. The man behind the counter at your favorite deli or your neighbor can provide chances for you to optimize the effectiveness of your English lessons.

    Listen to Music and Watch Television
    You can put on some English music or television shows in the background so you are constantly hearing the language. Whether you are doing some reading or are just sitting on the couch relaxing, this background noise helps you learn English faster so you feel more comfortable using it in your daily life.

    Do Not Watch Movies that Are Dubbed
    Popular movies in English are often dubbed in other languages so they can reach larger markets. Do what you can to avoid watching dubbed movies while you are in ESL school, though. If you can watch English movies in their native tongue, it gives you a much better chance of learning the language and developing an authentic accent.

    When you attend Bluedata International Institute, you get an English education that helps you expand your potential in every area of your life. Sign up for our New York City English classes to start improving your ability to speak and to understand the language. For more information about our ESL programs and how to apply, visit us online or call (888) 826-6449.

    Essay Writing Tips for ESL Students

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Enrolling here at Bluedata International Institute is a great way to gain the skills needed to have a successful life in an English-speaking country. Our instructors help you gain confidence in speaking, listening to, and writing in English to provide a well-rounded education. Essay writing is key for mastering this language:

    Know What Type of Essay You Are Writing
    Different courses or topics may require different types of essays, which is why it is important to know about the different types and know which one you are trying to create. Narrative essays require the writer to tell a personal story. Descriptive essays require the writer to describe a certain scene or idea so the reader can picture it. Expository essays require the writer to deliver facts and create an academic piece. Persuasive essays require the writer to pick a side of an argument and convince the reader to pick that side, as well.

    Understand the Purpose of Each Part of the Essay
    Creating an essay typically involves writing an introduction followed by a body and then by a conclusion. Each part of the essay is important for reaching out to the reader and expressing various viewpoints. ESL students must understand the purpose of each part of the essay in order to properly execute it. Your introduction should briefly introduce the reader to the main focus of the essay or state the point you plan to prove in the remainder of the essay. Your body should feature your story or argument. Your conclusion should wrap up the ideas stated in the body.

    Ask for Help When Necessary
    As difficult as it can be for students to learn English, it can be even more difficult to learn how to write an academic essay in a new language. ESL students should always feel comfortable asking for help when they feel confused or lost. Your English instructor can answer your questions and help you figure out where to go next with your essay.

    Bluedata International Institute can help you learn how to write essays and do more in English! Contact us at (888) 826-6449 to see if our New York City language school is right for you.


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