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Staying in Compliance with Your Student Visa

Once you navigate the complicated process of applying for and receiving a student visa, you might think your work is over. However, international students attending ESL schools or universities in a foreign country must adhere to certain rules or their student visa may be revoked.

Watch this video for valuable information about staying in compliance with your student visa. International students in America must follow U.S. immigration laws in order to ensure that their student visas are in good standing.

If you want to learn English in NYC as an international student, come see us at the Bluedata International Institute. Our bilingual educators can help you apply for and maintain your student visa while you attend our ESL classes. To learn more about student visas and our ESL school, call us today at (917) 780-4855.

How Learning a New Language Increases Your Potential

When you learn English at an accredited language school, you’ll have a variety of new opportunities available to you. Whether you want to enter the workforce, or attend an American university as an international student on a student visa, mastering your English skills will help you get ahead. Here are some of the many ways that learning a new language will increase your potential.

Improve Your Job Prospects

Once you become proficient in a second language, your job prospects improve dramatically. Some entry-level jobs even give preference to applicants who are fluent in a second language, particularly one that is common in your job region. If you live in a country where many people speak English, you can learn English at an ESL class to make yourself more attractive to potential employers.

Become an International Student

If you’ve always wants to study abroad as an international student, you must first learn the primary language of the country in which you want to study. If you want to attend an American university on a student visa, you may have to take TOEFL prep courses at an ESL school to ensure that you pass the TOEFL. As you begin perfecting your English skills, you can begin investigating the university admissions processes for the universities of your choice.

Make Traveling Overseas Easier

When you travel overseas, it’s much easier to immerse yourself in the culture if you are at least somewhat well versed in the country’s language. You’ll be exposed to so many more opportunities for adventure, and you can get tips from the locals in their own language. Your language school can help you build conversational skills in the language of your choice.

If you’re interested in attending a reputable language school in NYC, come see us at the Bluedata International Institute. Our experienced bilingual educators can help you learn English and build the English skills necessary to apply for jobs or a student visa. To learn more about our admissions process and our ESL courses, contact us today at (917) 780-4855.

Top Strategies for Learning a New Language

Learning a new language can be personally rewarding, and can help you in social, professional, and academic interactions. When you are trying to learn a new language, it’s a good idea to go in with a plan so that your experience is both efficient and effective. Join an online community of language learners where you can converse with other speakers who can help you with vocabulary, grammar, and syntax. There are many smartphone apps you can take with you on the go so you never have to stop learning. Attending a language school in New York City will help you master English, as you’ll be taking classes as well as immersing yourself in the culture. Check out this infographic to learn more about the best ways to learn a new language. Please share with your friends and fellow learners!

What to do in NYC as a Student

If you’re planning on traveling to New York City as an international student on a student visa to attend an English school, you’ll discover that there are many exciting things to do in your new city. It’s easy to take advantage of these activities as an international student, as you can quickly and conveniently travel across the city using cheap public transportation.

When you first arrive at your language school as an international student, you can ask your bilingual educator for tips on fun and exciting activities that you can participate in. Your bilingual teacher may even know of group activities for international students that allow them to explore the city together. There may also be additional classes you can take or groups you can join that will allow you to undertake new hobbies.

At Bluedata International Institute, we help our international students develop English skills in NYC and adjust to their new city. We can help you find housing and connect you with a variety of international student services that will make your experience better. To learn more about taking ESL classes at our English school, call us today at (917) 780-4855.

See an F-1 Visa Mock Interview

If you’re applying for a student visa to become an international student to learn English in the United States, you’ll need to undergo a visa interview. The student visa interview will be conducted in English, and you’ll need to answer specific questions regarding your plans in the U.S.

Watch this video to see an example of an F-1 student visa interview. There are certain questions that you can expect your interviewer to ask you, so it’s easy to develop the English skills necessary to answer them.

Bluedata International Institute can help you if you’re interested in ESL classes to help you learn English in NYC. We can help you build your English skills so that you can become an international student at an American university. To learn more about our ESL courses that help students learn English, call us today at (917) 780-4855.

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