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What Prospective Student Athletes Need to Know about the TOEFL

The TOEFL is a test for international students applying to college in English-speaking countries around the world. A TOEFL score is also required to qualify for NCAA sports eligibility.

In this video, you will learn that the TOEFL is a comprehensive English skills exam that covers reading, writing, speaking, and listening in academic situations. You can opt to take this test via the internet or as a traditional paper-based test. The TOEFL is offered several times each year, allowing you to choose your ideal testing date.

A good TOEFL prep course can help you feel more confident during testing and ensure you receive the score you’re after for college admissions or sports scholarships. You can check out Bluedata International Institute language school online for details about TOEFL prep in New York, or call (917) 780-4855 to enroll in the ESL class that is right for you.

Reasons to Consider Taking the TOEFL Test

There are a variety of reasons why international students consider taking the TOEFL test. The TOEFL, which stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language, is specifically designed to assess your knowledge of the English language as it will be used in a university or higher learning setting. Thus, the TOEFL test is extremely useful and often necessary if you are planning to apply for a student visa to pursue learning at an educational institution in any one of 110 English-speaking countries, including Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

You Want to Study in an English-Speaking Country

The most common reason to take the TOEFL test is as a requirement on your college admissions form. Many universities across the world require a TOEFL score from international students whose first language is not English. This is because educational institutions want to ensure that the students they admit will be able to communicate and function in an entirely English-speaking learning environment.

You Want to Accurately Assess Your English Skills

Even if you aren’t planning to apply for college admission or don’t think you’re ready to achieve the score you want on the TOEFL, taking the TOEFL will still serve as a valuable and accurate assessment of your current English skills. Your TOEFL score lets you know where you stand with regard to the English skills you have mastered, as well as the skills you still need to develop. The TOEFL can be a useful tool when evaluating your English reading and speaking abilities for future jobs, long-term travel, or other important everyday situations in which English mastery is necessary.

At Bluedata International Institute, our targeted TOEFL prep course will ensure you are ready to take the TOEFL to gain the benefits of passing this important exam. If you’re ready to learn English in New York City, you can find out more about our language school and the ESL classes we offer on our website, or by calling (917) 780-4855.

Tips for Getting Over Your Nervousness about Speaking English

While reading and writing in a foreign language often affords you extra time to determine meaning and intent, speaking in a foreign language can feel a little more stressful. During a spoken conversation, you’ll need to think and act much more quickly to maintain the flow of information back and forth. Fortunately, there are many ways to overcome nervousness associated with speaking English, allowing you to comfortably and confidently demonstrate your English skills.

Learn to Listen

When you are worried about speaking correctly, you may be more focused on your own internal thoughts than on the speaker in front of you. However, it’s essential to pay attention to your partner during a conversation to ensure you understand his words and can reply appropriately. Taking the time to listen to the other speaker’s words will give you important clues and prompts to make replying much easier and more natural. Focusing first on your listening skills by listening to the television or radio can help you get a better feeling for the speed and flow of the words you should expect during a conversation.

Practice Writing

Good written English skills can bolster your speaking skills in many ways. The more you write, the faster you’ll be able to organize your thoughts and the better you’ll understand grammar, word order, and typical sentence length. While writing is not a substitute for speaking, feeling more confident in your ability to produce coherent written phrases in English will translate into improved comfort and confidence when you must organize your thoughts to speak English as well.

Are you ready to learn English for school, work, or social purposes? Bluedata International Institute is proud to offer comprehensive ESL classes at our language school serving NYC, including TOEFL prep courses to help you achieve your dreams of studying abroad. Please take a look through our website to find out what makes us stand apart from other English schools, or give us a call at (917) 780-4855.

Using English at Restaurants

Enjoying a meal at a restaurant is the perfect time to practice the conversational English skills you’ve developed in your ESL classes. Knowing the most common phrases you’re likely to use and hear allows you to practice speaking and listening ahead of time for added confidence. Some of the most basic phrases you’ll need include the ability to ask for a table, as well as an understanding of the questions your waiter may ask, such as whether you are ready to order or the type of drink you would like. If you have food allergies, make sure you can explain your allergies clearly so you can confidently order a meal. Additional phrases that you may find useful in a restaurant include, “Excuse me,” and “May we please have the check?”

Your experience at Bluedata International Institute will provide a solid foundation for future studies, business, and leisure in the English-speaking world. Our English schools in New York offer international students a versatile curriculum of ESL classes that will help you prepare for the TOEFL as well as many real-world situations. You can find out more about our school on the web, or by calling (212) 683-6250.

Mastering Conversational English

While developing good reading and writing skills is an undeniably valuable part of your English education, written and conversational English can often be quite different. Learning to master conversational English will help you navigate the English-speaking world with greater ease and comfort, providing you with the confidence you need to make the most of your educational experience. During your ESL classes in NYC, you will be given the opportunity to not only master the written aspects of English, but practice the nuances of the spoken language as well.

Practice Every Day

The key to learning any new language is consistent and regular practice. Even when you do not have an English class scheduled, take some time out of your day to practice speaking. Talk to your fellow English students about setting up daily practice sessions, either in person or via the phone or computer. If possible, ask a friend that is fluent in English to practice short conversations with you as well, since this practice allows for correction and guidance in addition to valuable experience.

Begin By Listening

One of the best ways to learn conversational English is to listen to how it is spoken. Listening to native speakers conversing or even watching television and videos can provide you with a better understanding of the cadence and vocabulary used during a conversation. If you have trouble following the English spoken on television, consider starting with programs meant for younger children, which often include dialogue that is more basic and spoken slowly; once you feel comfortable listening to these shows, work your way up to faster-paced dramas or news programs.

At Bluedata International Institute, our goal is to provide international students with the all the skills they need to master every part of the English language. Our English schools employ bilingual educators ready to help you develop the vocabulary and understanding you need to learn and work in an English-speaking environment. Please visit our website to find out more about our ESL classes, or give us a call today at (212) 683-6250.

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